E-health Innovation Center to create a system to detect nocturnal epileptic seizures

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

The EIC BBK E-Health Innovation Center is developing a seizure detection system designed for people suffering from Dravet syndrome or similar disorders. It will be based on Kinect and sensors to detect the first signs of an epileptic seizure.

Dravet syndrome is an incurable genetic disorder that causes uncontrolled seizures as well as cognitive delay and mobility problems. Children affected suffer severe epileptic seizures, which in some cases can lead to death unless timely action is taken. Consequently, they require constant vigilance, even during the night, which is very seriously physically and emotionally draining on family members.

E-health Innovation Center BBK, in collaboration with the Dravet Syndrome Foundation, is developing the We want to sleep programme, intended to help families monitor their little ones using digital technologies. The project consists of creating a seizure detector based on Microsoft Kinect 2.0 technology, with a camera and sensors capable of detecting the first symptoms of a nocturnal seizure. The system will be completed with an application that warns the person caring for the patient so that they can react faster. According to EIC, they hope to make the service available to families later this year.

The Innovation Center is also working jointly with Tecnalia so this system can be applied in the detection of sudden death caused by silent seizures or SUDEP (sudden unexplained death in epilepsy). This syndrome affects one in every thousand people with epilepsy, causes the death of more than 300 people a year throughout the State, and is the leading cause of death in child epileptic syndromes.

The project will consist of a system with several sensors able to detect symptoms prior to sudden death so as to issue an early warning that allows relatives or caregivers to react in time. Tecnalia has launched development of the technology based on data and studies compiled by EIC BBK.

E-health Innovation Center is promoted by the Dravet Syndrome Foundation and BBK with the aim of providing digital technology based solutions to enhance the quality of life of people suffering from this disease and related illnesses, as well as their families.

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