Bilbomática developing useful advanced applications for the health sector with Google Glass

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Technological solutions such as computer-assisted surgery, technologies to improve communication with the patient, support tools for people with disabilities and speech recognition are being studied.

Bilbomática is a software engineering and consulting company that is currently working in the sphere of high added value professional applications for Google Glass, exploring the Tourism, Socio-Sanitary and Industry sectors.

The Google Glass system is a display device in the form of augmented reality glasses, which was launched in 2013 in the U.S.A. It includes 2 GB RAM and allows access to the internet by using voice commands. The creator company, Google, has already worked with this system, focusing on futuristic technologies, such as the Google Car autonomous driverless vehicle project.

For its part, Bilbomática presented its progress in the health sector last July during the Gira TIC Salud Conference, organized by GAIA-Cluster TEIC and TICBIOMED, at which María Aguirre Rueda, Director for Health Research and Innovation of the Basque Government Department for Health, recalled that you one of the biggest changes and challenges facing the health system is the aging of the population and chronic diseases and that, for this reason, “we must transform the system to provide these people with the best care”.

Bilbomática has already previously developed systems for monitoring patients at home, like Hygehos Home, which are useful for doctors to make contact with patients and be able to monitor their vital signs: weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, etc. or know whether they are taking the correct medication. In this way, through mobile devices, doctors can monitor pathology online and stay in touch with patients online. The aim: to encourage better management of resources and contribute towards improving quality of life and healthcare.

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