Battery system to store electricity from renewable sources is presented

Friday, December 12th, 2014

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Several organisations, brought together in the Sager project, have created a new electricity storage system that allows the energy produced by renewable sources to be stored and connected to the distribution network.

This system has been created within the framework of an R&D project carried out by Iberdrola, AEG Power Solutions Iberia and Tecnalia, backed by a budget of one million euros. The Sager project has included the design, installation, integration and validation of a large-scale energy storage system using batteries. It has been developed at the Arquímedes transformer substation facilities, owned by Iberdrola, located on the Júndiz industrial estate in Vitoria.

The system consists of two buildings, one to house the batteries and the other for the monitoring, communications and power conversion systems. Advanced lead-acid batteries, with a similar cost to conventional lead batteries but a longer service life, have been used.

The Sager Project has been developed over the past four years with the support of the Gaitek programme of SPRI, the Basque Business Development Agency, dependent on the Basque Government, and Vitoria City Council.

Storing energy from renewable generation sources is one of the challenges of future electricity networks, since it will allow greater integration of these sources into the network, as well as ensuring supply stability and reliability.

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