Basque consortium promotes an innovative communications and services management system for cities

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

A consortium of Basque businesses in the communication technologies sector, in collaboration with municipalities and local entities, is developing an innovative system, called e-Menhir, which seeks to respond to the new demands raised by the cities of the future. It involves progress in areas like the efficiency of municipal services, the generation of advanced technologies, mobility, energy saving, logistics, improving quality of life, etc.

The project, which is intended for municipalities and municipal service provider companies, originates in the concern existing in municipal councils and the information technology sector to explore new lines of business within the framework of the profound transformation of cities.

The initiative is coordinated by Hispavista and taking part in it are a dozen companies – Euskaltel, Ibermática, Masermic, STT Ingeniería y Sistemas, Consultoría Lumínica-, technology centres – IK4-Tekniker, Cluster GAIA, the Instituto Ibermática de Innovación and Hispavista Labs. It is also supported by Bilbao City Council and Zamudio Town Council, as well as CIMUBISA (Bilbao computing centre) and iPARKSA.

The purpose of this project is to integrate and combine complementary technological capabilities by taking advantage of the opportunities created around smart cities. Fields of action covered in this sector include sensorisation, communications and data handling, interaction with the public through mobile devices, public street lighting, the use of urban spaces, acoustic and atmospheric pollution and waste management.

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