Goran Roos. Advanced Manufacturing and its Implications for Companies

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

On 17 October a conference entitled “Implications of Advanced Manufacturing for Basque Industry” was held. It brought together 200 people in the Auditorium at the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park.

Göran Roos, a member of the Prime Minister of Australia’s Manufacturing Leaders Group and one of the leading voices in the world in the field of advanced manufacturing, was the first speaker. Roos stated that, in essence, advanced manufacturing is the ability to produce what others can not produce.

Next, Sabin Azua (B+I Strategy) spoke about the implications of advanced manufacturing on strategy and management, after which Alexander Arteche (Electrotécnica Arteche Hermanos) and Ignacio Mataix (ITP) presented case studies of their companies, especially the progress that had been made in the field of advanced manufacturing.

The Basque Government Minister for Economic Development and Competitiveness concluded the presentations by stating that “it is necessary to face the serious problems that are affecting us today, but without forgetting strategies for the future”. The session ended with a colloquium, moderated by SPRI General Manager Alexander Arriola, giving the audience the opportunity to put questions to the speakers.

Alexander Arriola. Manager Director SPRI Group.

Workshop Opening. Advanced Manufacturing and its Implications for Companies.


Goran Roos. Chairman of Intellectural Capital Service.

Advanced Manufacturing and its implications for companies.


Sabin Azua. Socio Director de B+I Strategy.

Implications of Advanced Manufacturing in Strategy and Management.


Alexander Arteche. Consejero Delegado de Electrotécnica Arteche Hermanos.

Progress at Arteche in Advanced Manufacturing .


Ignacio Mataix. Director General de ITP.

Progress at ITP in Advanced Manufacturing.


Arantza Tapia. Consejera de Desarrollo Económico y Competitividad

Basque Government Vision. Anticipated advance lines.


Final discussion: Basque Industry in the face of Advanced Manufacturing.

(Euskera) Alexander Arriola Gidatua. Spriren Zuzendari Nagusia.


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