Monday, November 25th, 2013

From november 25th til december 1st, Bilbao will be filled of video games in this Festival which is becoming a leading event in the sector in Southern Europe.


The 3rd fun & Serious Game Festival will present, in colaboration with the Basque Governent through SPRI, BEAZ and Bilbao Ekintza, the best fun and serious games of the year and the best viedo games in entertainment and other industries.

Awards are given to the best video games in entertainment and other industries. The latter are the so-called ‘Serious Games’ using video game technologies in developments for education, health, aerospace, culture and many other sectors.

The awards are meant to debunk stereotypes about video games and give a well-deserved boost to the video game industry.

Best Video Game Award Gala

Once again, the Campos Elíseos Theatre is playing host to the spectacular Award Gala for the best video games of the year. It will be a red-circled event on the calendar of the video game industry, an evening dedicated to the ‘Academy Awards for Video Games’.

Serious Game Conference

The Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall in Bilbao is another of the venues of the 3rd Fun & Serious Game Festival, playing host to the professional conference on SERIOUS GAMES, drawing leading figures in this sector. The event is meant to be a meeting point for networking among professionals in this industry.

Activities for All and Sundry

Also, there will be a series of lectures, premieres and activities for all kinds of visitors, thus turning Bilbao into the Mecca of video games for five days. To this we should add an e-sports tournament and an expo zone to try the latest game releases.

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