Competitiveness Pole

The Basque Country has a solid industrial base, a sector that represents 23.5% of the GDP, encompassing the automotive industry, aeronautics, the environment, industrial design, machinery and engineering, among others.

Thanks to the industrial policy developed by the institutions, Basque industry has become consolidated in its commitment to efficiency, quality, modernisation and internationalisation. Proof of this lies in the clusters and their high levels of competitiveness, based on private cooperation management models.


The Basque Country is currently focusing its efforts on Smart Specialisation, identifying those fields on which to concentrate human and financial R&D&I resources; namely Energy, Biosciences for Health and Advanced Manufacturing 4.0 – three strategic areas.


Faced with the fourth industrial revolution, Basque industrial companies are already working on the extension of excellence beyond metallurgical manufacturing, with the mastery of new materials, the design and development of their own products, the incorporation of high added value and EICTs and the integration of value chains.

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