The Basque Country, among the most advanced regions in the world

5 January, 2017

The Basque Country occupies 81st place in GDP per inhabitant, among a total of 330 regions in the OECD, according to a report by the Basque Government’s Department of Economy and Planning. As a result, it forms part of the 5.4% of the world population that lives in high income regions within the ‘rich-country club’.


This work compares the Basque Country with the part of this group of regions of higher income which is also industrial. The large metropolitan areas are excluded to leave a total of fifty, which are mostly at a more advanced stage of transition towards the innovation and knowledge society.


Through the metaphor of a game of mirrors, a total of seven areas (productive fabric, innovation, demography, employment, quality of life, cohesion and institutions) are analysed in order to formulate ten propositions that can guide future development. A map of a possible global network of regions has been suggested to serve as support and learning in this transformation process.

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