A European consortium involving Azti will invest €1,200M to develop the foods of the future

29 November, 2016
Headquarters of Azti in Sukarrieta.

EIT Food brings together 50 companies, universities and research centres, leaders in their fields, that cover the entire value chain, representing a wide range of European Union and associated countries.


A European consortium, in which the Basque Azti research centre participates, has been chosen to develop the food of the future. Called EIT Food, it consists of 50 companies, universities and research centres, leaders in their fields and covering the entire value chain, entrusted with this task by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in the Food4Future call. Over the next seven years, the partners will invest close to 1.2 billion euros, matched with up to 400 million euros financed by the EIT.


With consumers as change agents, EIT Food partners are committed to jointly transforming the way in which we currently produce, distribute and consume our food.


The future of food is one of the European Commission’s priorities, and EIT Food will provide essential content in order to rebuild a healthy and sustainable food system not only in Europe but also beyond its borders.


EIT Food, as a consumer-centric innovation community, will become an innovation engine for all players covering the food value chain. It will build a trusted food innovation ecosystem that supports consumers in their right to a healthy and more environmentally sustainable diet.


EIT Food will organise international exchange programs for students and will develop a unique interdisciplinary M.Sc. on food systems. It will also train thousands of students and food professionals via workshops, summer schools and online educational programmes (both massive open online courses and specialised private online courses).


The EIT South Hub, or Co-location Centre (CLC), is made up of 11 partners and 14 innovative startup companies specialising in complementary fields (from Spain, Israel, Italy and Portugal). The focus of the hub is defined by Begoña Pérez-Villarreal, AZTI Business Director and interim director of CLC South: “Using the Mediterranean diet as a blueprint for healthy nutrition, CLC South will focus on producing food and value-added services adapted to different lifestyles and aimed at giving consumers the pleasure of choosing healthy food with high gastronomic quality.”


The six Spanish partners are 3 companies (Acesur, Angulas Aguinaga and Grupo AN), 2 research centres (CSIC and AZTI) and the Autonomous University of Madrid. Also taking part in CLC South are 2 Italian partners (Italian Breeder’s Association and the University of Turin) and 3 Israeli partners (Algaetechnologies, Grupo Strauss and Technion). Through its established partner network, CLC South will have direct access to more than 1.200 SMEs in the food sector.

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