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8 September, 2015

Desalination: New investments in Singapore.

Singapore is to increase its desalination capacity by 60% in the next few years by building its 3rd and 4th water treatment plants. These investments are the country’s response to the increasing severity of situations created by drought.
Each of the plants will add 30 million gallons per day to the two plants currently operating, to achieve total generation of 160 million gallons per day.

The public tendering process for the 3rd plant has just finished, with the result that it will be built at Tuas by the Singapore firm Hyflux, aiming to be operational in 2017.

The bidding process for the 4th plant, which will be built to the East of the city, has just been launched by the State Agency Public Utility Board (PUB) in DBOO (Design-Build-Own-Operate) format.

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