WestRock installs Spain’s largest industrial printer in Zamudio

13 January, 2016

American multinational WestRock has commissioned the largest industrial printer in the State, requiring an investment of 6 million euros, at its Zamudio plant. The launching ceremony was attended by the Basque Government President, Iñigo Urkullu, and Minister for Economic Development and Competitiveness, Arantza Tapia.

With the new printer in operation, the multinational, world leader in the design and creation of packaging (such as paperboard packs for products such as yoghurts and beer bottles), will create a score of new jobs and the factory, formerly Cartonajes de Zamudio, will increase its production by 35%: its output will increase from 37 to 50 million sheets of paperboard. A fixed workforce of 112 people are currently employed at the Zamudio plant, together with an average of 25 other temporary staff throughout the year, mostly from the Graphic Arts School in Atxuri, Bilbao.

WestRock has more than 41,000 employees spread throughout 270 production plants in 30 countries. Its turnover is 15 billion dollars a year, of which 25 million come from the Zamudio factory.

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