Kanadako Comalatech konpainiak Arabako Keinoby startup-a erosi du (en)

19 February, 2015

Keinoby is a technology start-up, founded in 2013 at the Álava Business and Innovation Centre –CEiA, that specializes in the creation of plug-ins to organize content in corporate work environments. Its first product, launched in late 2013, is Yoikee Creator, software that helps manage knowledge within an organisation, using the mind mapping to create and maintain corporate wikis.

The start-up has recently been acquired by Comalatech. This Canadian group is one of the leading suppliers of add-ons for Confluence and JIRA platforms, software to manage projects and organise work teams, developed by the Australian company Atlassian. Comalatech has included the Keinoby products in its catalogue, thus opening them up to its more than 2,000 customers in almost 30 countries. Two members of the Basque start-up, Gorka Puente, founder of Keinoby, and Juan Arias, software architect, have joined the Comalatech team, which has its European base of operations in Spain.

The origins of Keinoby lie in the doctoral thesis of Gorka Puente, based on the use of mind maps to facilitate structure creation and content organisation inside corporate wikis. The Yoikee project won the 2013 Edition of the YUZZ programme for young entrepreneurs.

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