The Innobideak Strategy

The Innovation Department of SPRI is working to implement policies issued by the Basque Government aimed at promoting innovation in the Basque business fabric.

To this effect, the Economic Development and Infrastructures Department of the Basque Government has designed the Innobideak strategy, to enable the challenges posed by the current crisis context to be met, as well as to lay firm foundations for the future competitive development of Basque companies.

The strategy includes the following support and training programmes: Innobideak-Lehiabide, Innobideak-Kudeabide, Innobideak-Pertsonak and Innobideak-Prestakuntza. These are tools that help companies to successfully overcome the current situation and adapt to the trends of globalisation and increased competition in markets.

Innobidea-lehiabide. Its purpose is to support the realization of individual or cooperative projects that enable product, service and/or market diversification and significantly favour competitive positioning improvement for beneficiaries.

Innobideak-Kudeabide. Its purpose is boost improved competitiveness in Basque companies by supporting the application and implementation of Advanced Management methodologies, tools and principles.

Innobideak-Pertsonak. Its purpose is to support the implementation of competitive improvement activities in companies through actions aimed at company workforce participation.

Innobideak-Prestakuntza. Its purpose is to provide information on the Innobideak strategy, its instruments, on how to innovate in business models and on the new Advanced Management model by learning the key factors and how to move forward in its six elements to innovate and eventually be more competitive. It is intended for General Managers and Executives of industrial and service enterprises. The initiative is free and consists of 7 independent modules, each lasting 5 hours: Innovation in Business Models, Strategy, Results, Customers, People, Social Commitment and Innovation.

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