ITS Security enters the largest international cybersecurity forum

29 December, 2016
ITS Security.

The Gipuzkoan company has joined the forum as a member of FIRST.

The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams, or FIRST, is the world’s premier forum for cybersecurity response, consisting of 366 teams from 78 countries. ITS Industrial Cybersecurity CERT, a team of experts from the Gipuzkoan company ITS Security, has been admitted as a full member within this forum, which brings it great recognition at international level.

The inclusion of ITS Security CERT equipment within FIRST means that, from now on, the Cyber ​​Security Operations Centre of the Gipuzkoan company will be able to share information, tools and best practices with the rest of the forum members, so as to prevent and act against computer security attacks. The company joined the forum after a complex period of adaptation of the ITS-CERT team.

The FIRST project was founded in 1990 with the aim of providing a coordinated response to the first computer attacks on networks connected via the Internet. Now it has become the main forum for this field at international level, and is made up of teams of professional experts in security and incident response. Being part of this network allows member teams to offer more effective responses to security attacks, since one of FIRST’s main objectives is to develop and share cybersecurity information, tools and methodologies.

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