Basque Enterpreneurship Service

The Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures has launched the Basque Enterprise System, an interagency plan signed by the Basque Government and the Provincial Councils to further the improvement, jointly coordinated, of the Basque ecosystem to support entrepreneurship.


It is a plan that is tailored to the new economic and legislative reality, which aims to ensure our competitiveness and future sustainability as a country, which meets the Law of Support for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses in the Basque Country and which provides encouragement to continue improving the ecosystem of support for entrepreneurship and the interagency willingness and commitment to enterprise and intrapreneurship that has been around for decades.



  • To promote the culture and values of entrepreneurship at all levels of society and stages of life, reviving the entrepreneurial mindset that has characterized our country in the past.
  • To increase the volume of ideas taken up and new initiatives that reach the market by promoting job creation and economic activity.
  • To encourage the growth, consolidation and transmission of new Basque companies.
  • To make a decisive commitment to intrapreneurship or corporate enterprise, given its high potential for generating employment and economic activity.
  • To promote the integration of different policies, support tools and instruments that make up the current Basque ecosystem for supporting entrepreneurship.
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