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A place to Invest
"One of the regions with the highest productivity rate per employee in the European Union"
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A place to Invest

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The Basque Country is the region with the highest life quality level in Spain, according to an OECD report, which measures variables such as health, education, employment, income, safety, environment, citizen participation, access to services and housing.
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Competitiveness pole

The Basque Country is an Atlantic Arc competitiveness pole, whereby it is the European region with the second highest productivity rate per employee and has high levels of business development. Its industrial tradition and its competitive framework, Europe, has spurred it to seek the ongoing improvement of its production processes, increasing competitiveness, innovation and internationalisation.

Technology, Innovation and the Future

The Basque Country is one of the autonomous regions that assigns the highest percentage of its GDP to R+D+I, 2.12%. The Basque Science, Technology and Innovation System and all the agents that form part of it have made the Basque Country one of the most active European regions in R+D+I policies.


Business friendly administration

The Basque Country has its own system of funding, the Economic Agreement, granting the Basque Country regulatory and administrative powers which establish and regulate financial and tax relations between the Basque Country and Spain.


Investing in training is investing in the future. A vast state university, the University of the Basque Country which has an International Excellence campus, with three private universities and high quality vocational training, the Basque Country reaffirms its commitment to the training of highly qualified people.

An outlook on the world

Tradition and innovation, prehistory and modernism, mountains and sea. The Basque Country has its unique outlook on the world from its small region that is full of colour, aromas and flavours inviting you to come and discover unique experiences.

A well-connected region

The movement of people and goods is via the
airports in Bilbao (International), Hondarribia and Foronda, the ports of Bilbao and Pasaia, a quality road network and the railway network that will be further enhanced in a few years time with the arrival of a high speed network.