Working Groups

In addition to the two executive bodies and the technical secretariat, the steering group has several thematic working groups, with their respective coordinators for deployment. They are the operational element of the management system for the Basque Industry 4.0 strategy. One of the first actions undertaken by these groups has been to identify the areas of work to be activated and their respective lines of action:


WG1 – Prioritization of sectorial technological needs

Coordinator: ACICAE

-Advanced materials and processes

-Flexible, intelligent and efficient manufacturing systems

-Connected factory

-Energy efficiency


WG2 – Intelligent systems

Coordinator: TECNALIA

-Technological roadmap and opportunity spaces

-Benchmarking and interregional synergies

-Strategic initiatives


WG3 – Innovative business models

Coordinator: GAIA

-Smart Assistance

-Intelligent production

-Circular economy

-Digitalization of knowledge

-Advanced Training

-International Connection


WG4 – Actions in the training area

Coordinator: Mondragón University

–   Vocational training

–   University education

–   Continuous training

–   Secondary education


WG5 – Advanced materials and processes

Coordinator: IK4

–   Joints for advanced materials

–    Automated production of composites

–    Advanced surface technologies

–    Efficient manufacturing processes

–    Life cycle management

–    Nanomaterials


WGInt – International Networking

Coordinator: Innobasque


WGcom – Communication

Coordinator: Spri

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