What is Industry 4.0?

The term Industry 4.0 encompasses the so-called fourth industrial revolution, arising from technological evolution fostered by the development of embedded systems, their connectivity and the corresponding convergence of the physical and virtual world. This provides a capacity for integration of objects, information and people that can mean a qualitative leap in the production and use of goods and services.

What opportunities does it offer?

Industry 4.0 will mark a before and after in the form of competing. New opportunities for professionals are related to the design of new manufacturing processes, new forms of commercialization, design of digital industrial products, etc.

What is RIS3 – Smart Specialisation?

This is the acronym for Research & Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization. Smart specialisation aims to identify the unique characteristics and assets of each country and region, to emphasise their competitive advantages and to bring together stakeholders and regional resources around a vision of the future that tends towards excellence, while maximising knowledge flows.


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