Advanced Manufacturing Centres

Aeronautical AMC

The Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Center (CFAA in Spanish) was set up to develop advanced manufacturing technologies at levels which can be transferred rapidly to the industry in this key sector of our economy. It also serves as a meeting point for joint work by different agents and companies that have capabilities, interests and trajectories in the aircraft engine and structural components sector.

The participation of the centre and its conception as a combined centre of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and of the Business Association for the Development of Techniques for Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing makes it possible to work with a direct approach to the final applications for aeronautical production as well as the generation, use and development of new knowledge in advanced manufacturing technologies.

The CFAA aims to boost the development of applicable manufacturing technologies in a short space of time in the processes of the partner companies of the project, and the wider industry in general.

The focus is to bring the levels of technological development usually seen in the university sphere (MRL, Manufacturing Readiness Level 2 to 5) closer to levels of development of technologies in sufficiently representative environments (MRL, 6-8) so that they meet the production needs of enterprises. The applicability of knowledge is particularly sought throughout and during the lifecycle of this project and centre.


Wind Power AMC– Windbox

WINDBOX is the centre for advanced testing, validation and integration of industrial subsystems for the wind power sector. It is a pioneering Advanced Manufacturing Centre for wind power, which will favour the international technological and competitive positioning of Basque suppliers of subsystems and products for the wind sector, allowing them to test their developments in conditions very similar to those of actual operation, validating and optimising their prototypes and providing them with fast, secure access to the market.

The objectives of WINDBOX projects are:
To bring down the CoE (cost of energy) of wind power through the improvement of critical components and subsystems of wind turbines developed by Basque suppliers.
To provide access for Basque companies to technologically advanced equipment, which will give them a competitive advantage with their global competitors and a differential of positioning and credibility with OEMs.
To validate higher added value: conditions of operation very close to reality, validation by an independent entity and not by the supplier itself, validation of more complete systems rather than isolated systems.
To test components for all types of machines, but oriented to strategic positioning, such as suppliers of new models of on-shore and off-shore wind turbines, 6-8 MW.
To project the potential and development capacity of Basque suppliers and position the Basque Country well in this sector.

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