The 4.0 Strategy

Basque Industry 4.0 is a move towards the incorporation of intelligent systems into production plants, the improved use of emerging capabilities and technologies in new products and processes, the integration of advanced materials into higher added-value solutions and improved processes, and the efficiency and sustainability of resources and integration of high added-value services.


In recent years, the Basque Government has defined its RIS3 Smart Specialisation Strategy which marks, among other elements, areas of productive specialisation within the industrial network and technological capabilities of the Basque Country. One of these areas is Advanced Manufacturing, and as a result the Basque Government has developed a specific strategy, Basque Industry 4.0.


The construction of a territorial strategy requires not only scientific and technological knowledge, but also knowledge of markets and entrepreneurial skills. In short, this territorial strategy is the result of a participatory process which includes local government, the business community, the world of academia and know-how, and civil society. This is how the Advanced Manufacturing Strategy has been built, to promote the positioning and leadership of the Basque Country as an industry-based economy, using the momentum of knowledge-intensive manufacturing.


The priority of this strategy is to contribute to the creation of new products, the incorporation of new materials and the improvement of manufacturing processes in specialised sectors.



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