BOIP 4.0. Basque Open Industry Platform


BOIP (Basque Open Industry Platform) is structured as a development initiative in the framework of the Basque Industry 4.0 Strategy and is identified as a trunk or core activity in supporting the integration of digital systems into organizations.

BOIP is an open Industry 4.0 interoperability platform for the interconnection of business process data, systems and devices, as well as for the construction of new digital services for industrial SMEs.

BOIP is an open accelerator collaboration platform for the digital transformation of companies, based on the value of digitized, managed and shared data, for perfecting the traditional business model in industry and generating new digital business models.

What does BOIP offer?

BOIP helps to enhance data through its intelligent management. It is necessary to ensure that data moves quickly between things, documents and people.

Intelligent Data Management enables new value-added services to be offered to customers in a global market that is moving toward digitization. Data and its value is the key to Industry 4.0.

BOIP offers interconnection capability, based on standards, different types of information (data and documents), from business processes, systems and ICT products (ERP, MES, etc.) and of field elements (IoT platforms, sensors, connected machines, connected products, etc.), both internally (inside the company), and at inter-firm level (value chain with customers and suppliers).

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BOIP services

The BOIP offer is comprehensive and includes:

  • Roadmap with options and opportunities for “4.0 action” in SMEs.
  • References of good practices and case studies, for considering for emerging actions.
  • List of available suppliers and products, prioritising those approved by BOIP, but without limiting freedom of decision.
  • Offer of collaboration in pilot or reference projects that exist in the BOIP environment.
  • Offer of alliances to strengthen Process Data Management, product intelligence, product-service servitization.

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