Flexible, Collaborative Robotics

This field of Flexible, Collaborative Robotics aims to provide a comprehensive response to the demands of companies in the Basque Country involved in the value chain for robotics and automation solutions. An opportunity to improve the competitiveness of the industrial fabric and train the workforce.


  • The need for increasingly customised products requires ever shorter series, including unit production.
  • Growing demand for modularity and flexibility.
  • Safe factories where operators do not perform unhealthy tasks.
  • Ageing workforce and need to maintain proper performance in jobs that evolve.
  • The need to maintain competitiveness requires the automation of new, complex operations.
  • Current solutions have major constraints that make demands for automation economically unviable.


A space where state-of-the-art technology and knowledge can be accessed.

  • Integrated robotics in semi-structured industrial environments, coexisting and collaborating with people.
  • Adapting to changes in processes and the environment.
  • Offer high capabilities in industrial terms: efficiency, availability, reliability and cost.
  • And with remote (cloud) connection capabilities to facilitate the tasks of technical assistance, monitoring, failure prediction, adaptation/ reprogramming, …

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