4.0 Advanced Services

The Basque Country is committed to strengthening its industrial fabric, while also transforming it, by incorporating the potential of new technologies to create new products and services, generate new businesses and promote professional profiles oriented to higher added value.

Identification of "New Business Models / Advanced Services", starts from business needs and challenges, as well as from the technologies and resources available.

Faced with the technological challenges identified:
Smart equipment.
Connected equipment.
Power generation.
Energy consumption.

A number of potential advanced services have been identified and classified into two large groups of Advanced Services:


Operation optimization

Periodical monitoring of equipment.
Breakdown diagnosis.
Intelligent predictive maintenance.
Improvements in the use of production assets.
Improvement in the efficiency of machining processes.


Collaborative service platforms

On-line spare part ordering.
Smart energy consumption management.
Exchange of machine capability among network users.
Operators connected in the community to optimize equipment use.


2017 Development Plan

imagen servicios avanzados 4.0

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