Basque Health Cluster has been created

13 February, 2017

On Friday, January 13, 2017, the Basque Health Cluster (Basque Association of Health Companies) has been created. At an Extraordinary Assembly, Basque Biocluster partners have decided to give a new appeal to the Biocluster, which from now on is renamed Basque Health Cluster.


This non-profit association, which was created 6 years ago, houses institutions whose interests are related to the biosciences sector in Euskadi. The Basque Health Cluster aims to coordinate, represent, manage and defend the common interests of partners in collaboration with Public Administrations and other organizations in the field of biosciences, as well as contribute to the development, growth and internationalization of its partners and the Sector of the sciences and technologies related to Health in the Basque Region.
Its associates have approved by majority to emphasize the scope of the sector giving it the dimension of Human Health. The intention is to welcome in the association any entity whose field of application is Health, encompassing the entire value chain.


The new statutes state that the biosciences sector includes biology, chemistry, physics, medical technology, pharmacy, computer science and communications, nutrition, environmental technology … applied to human health, all kinds of auxiliary technologies or enabling them , including ICTs, provision of health services, medical devices, instruments and equipment, materials related to biosciences in general or health in particular, primary sector in relation to human health, industrial applications of biosciences (biofuels, biodepuration …), biosecurity, etc.


In addition, when there are situations of special interest in interregional collaboration, companies of the Sector with headquarters or an establishment of their own, located in regions neighboring or related to the Basque Country may join the Basque Health Cluster.


At the same ceremony, the new Managing Director of the Basque Health Cluster, María Pascual de Zulueta PhD., took over the role of Juan Pedro López Araguas, who in the last 5 years has led the young Basque Biocluster with great success, in words of the president of the Association, Pedro Esnaola. The main task of María Pascual de Zulueta is to consolidate and expand the Cluster, to foster cooperation among its members and to promote its internationalization, within the framework of the Cluster policy of the Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures and the RIS3 Smart Specialization Strategy of Euskadi, collected in the PCTI Euskadi 2020 (Plan of Science Technology and Innovation Euskadi 2020).


The purpose of the PCTI Euskadi 2020 is to improve welfare, promote sustainable economic growth and employment in Basque society by developing a policy of research and innovation based on intelligent specialization and improving the efficiency of the Science, Technology and Innovation system.


RIS3 Euskadi proposes Biosciences and Health as one of the three strategic priorities of the territory along with the Advanced Manufacturing and Energy.

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